Monday, September 28, 2009


Thank you! To all of the new wonderfuls that I met and the old pals that gave me the stink-eye--the Midwest Booksellers Association conference was amazing. I felt honored to read among you (Kent Myers, JSF, and Elizabeth Berg). Elizabeth's homage to her parents (who were in attendance) made my insides jello-y, and teary-eyed I listened as JSF made me think about the herd of animals I'll eat in my lifetime. Also, my new friend Chris made a plant wither and die by staring at it. Michael Perry almost made me pee my pants with laughter and, after listening to him read a beautiful poem, finally met the jet-engine-hearted Todd Boss.

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for giving me some bad ass street cred! Funny story, I have a friend who is in special forces with the air force and his men put a sign on his humvee that read, "Major Miner is so scarey the dark is afraid of him." Your line is way cooler! Thanks!!!!

All the Best,